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ryan flaherty hit the grand slam in the bottom of the first putting the o's up 6-1. that was all chris tillman would need in this one. he pitched a great game, getting nava here to end the fifth inning. oral win 9-1. you can certainly feel the orioles magic at camden yards. we have more on how the fans are buckling up for the playoffs. >> a resounding national anthem o at camden yards friday night. it was the beginning to another o'mazing night for a team taking the country by surprise and baltimore by storm. >> it's huge. we drove all the way up from raleigh for this. we've been talking about it for weeks. it's cool. >> it's been 15 years since orioles park hosted a meaningful final home stand for the home team. fans are soaking it up. >> every time i come i wear this. this is it. >> i cannot explain to you 'cause we can't afford ravens tickets. we can afford orioles tickets.
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we are excited. we are going. this is our time. >> fan appreciation weekend. nine lucky fans were chose ton stand with the orioles during the national anthem. cornelius woodson iii stood with adam jones and brook jones with manny machado. >> you thought in '98 but it didn't happen. makes you appreciate it so much more. you enjoy every moment of it. >> the mayor presented jones with the key to the city for his work with kids in the community. a community she says is thankful in many way force the o's sudden success. >> when i talked to adam jones, i said we're happy that you're winning. you're putting food on people's tables. you're creating jobs. when we have games and we have tens of thousands of people in baltimore, they're going to restaurants or riding in cabs or staying in hotels, they are making our city more economically vibrant. >> and on saturday, something
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else special for the fans. brooks robinson's orioles legend sculpture will be unveiled. >> and new this morning, baltimore county police are trying to determine what led to a shooting at security square mall. it happened around 11:00 last night. police say a man was shot one time in the leg but would not confirm if it happened inside or outside of the mall. the victim's condition is unknown this morning. police say so far no arrests have been made. police are investigating a triple shooting in southwest baltimore. they say officers found three men suffering gun shot wounds in the 1100 block of carol street around 6:30 last night. investigators say the victim suffered nonlife threatening injuries. as of now, police are still looking for suspect. two people are recovering this morning after an accident. according to the crews, two people after their vehicles
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collided on duval around 6:00 last night. a 56-year-old man suffered serious injury but is expected to recover. the condition of the other victim, not known. attention drivers who like to cruise through the streets of baltimore city. the mayor has formed a task force to review the city's traffic enforcement system. the eight member board will consist of traffic safety experts. community activists aa and school representatives. board members will study the effectiveness of the cameras. >> we have kids that need to be safe going to and from school. that's what this is about. we want to make sure that we're using our speed camera program to get the best results that we can to promote public safety. >> the form eight of the task force comes amid concerns that cameras largely center on generating revenue. about two weeks ago the city reported the cameras brought in $19.2 million, $4 million more than projected. city transportation officials say the charles street reconstruction project is set to
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begin monday, approving traffic flow, one of the goals of the project. city officials say it's all about making charles street between 25th street and university park way. to look more appealing. the entire project will take two years. road closures and detours will come and go. >> traffic delays. we do ask motorists for their patience during this time so we can get through the phases. >> they will include a wider road and pedestrian and bike r lanes. scheduled to be finished by 2014. >> the i team followed the first accusations. the baltimore city controller joan pratt accusing -- after reviewing the $675,000 purchase, the city's inspector general report yesterday revealed the it office withheld information from pratt. it also shows no price quotes were obtained from the other
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companies. missing a possible opportunity to save money. mayor said her office made a number of recommended changes. 57 degrees at the airport. still ahead on 11 news saturday morning. >> monumental disrepair in the nation's capital thanks to forces of nature. i'm holly jackson in washington with more on how crews are working to fix the damage caused by the elements. but first at live picture from sky cam. ava -- not ava, john is next with your insta weather plus forecast. i don't know what ava's doing.
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>> thursday an friday a cool front was stalled just off to our northwest. waves moving along the front generated on again/off again waves. the city didn't get much but just north of town and then just south of town there were a couple periods where there was significant rain. that whole thing now is sliding out of the picture. the front's moved east and south and has taken that rain chance with us. just in time for the weekend. 55. that's the temperature at the airport right now. that's the low so far this morning. we still have scattered clouds. 61 inner harbor. 81%. that's what you're going notice. less humid air coming in. the barometer has gone up in terms of what it was earlier this morning. overnight, the rain did move through. it was concentrated south. we had a couple sprinkles in
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baltimore. that was about it. south of dc, south of annapolis there were showers, half inch as much of an inch. charles county. places like that. moving out of the picture now. temperatures beginning to show the change. lighter green shades down to the south. closer to the front. right around 60 degrees. the darker grown shades, readings mostly in the 50s to near 60. the blue shades out in the west, 43 in oakland. that's that chillier, less humid air coming in. there are still a few scattered clouds around, but it's the brightest shades that you see, the rain producers. here's the front that's off shore connecticut, long island. there are some low clouds even up in pennsylvania. a low pressure system east of james bay. all right. that thing is going to be kind of dipping down in the great lakes coming in behind this low pressure center. they kind of rotate around a
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little bit. that will sweep to our north on sunday. all right. that may do something. we'll have to wait and see what happens. out in the pacific, in the western pacific, we have super typhoon gelowat i believe is how it's pronounced. passed over okinawa with wind gusts close to 150, 180 miles an hour. now it's moving north right up this chain of islands, leading towards japan. it looks like the storm will track just west of tokyo in the next day or two. still, a super typhoon, 150 mile an hour winds which would make it a category two storm with gusts up to 185. powerful, powerful storm out in the pacific opinion. nothing going on in the caribbean. nadine is out there but it's not a very strong storm. 69 to 74 today. the high. partly cloudy skies. cooler and less humid. those are the keys to a nice forecast today. as far as the game at camden
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yards this evening. 7:00 or so. well, 67 is what the temperature we expect to start the game. it should be dry when the game starts. it will be dry when the game ends as well. nice weather. i have got the wrong weather signal there. that should just be partly cloudy. 61 is the temperature by the end of the game. all right. our forecast, the extended outlook. we pick up some clouds on saturday night, early sunday. by sunday afternoon, sunday evening, we might pick up a sprinkle from that little disturbance up in the great lakes. so we'll allow a very slight chance for precipitation late in the day sunday. otherwise the weekend, partly cloudy, low 70s for high. higher rain chances monday night, tuesday into wednesday. one of the nation' most recognizable land marks is one step closer to a face lift. the national parks service said a team will begin a daunting task of preparing the washington monument. >> should be completed by the end of the year. the monument isn't the only
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thing that needs to be worked on. halle jackson has more on that. >> jen and lisa, from algea to earthquakes, mother nature's doing battle with our man-made memorials. but in the long run, the real winners will be the visitors here to see history. >> i think it's probably got a great view up top. >> but beth from ohio won't get to see it, neither will others looking for that once in a life time experience. >> this has taken me about 50 years to get here. i doubt if i'll make another trip. >> by the end of the year, scaffold willing surround the washington monument as crews work to fix it. >> it's just a fact of life. it has to be kept up. >> the monument is not the on dc draw dealing with disrepair. >> we've seen pictures of people swimming in there. >> the reflecting pool by the lincoln memorial, now dmofrd algea just reopened last month.
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>> this is what you get. >> the eco friendly fix up includes a new showering pool with water from the tidal basin instead of the city supply. but the park service tells the "washington post" that are why we're seeing so much green still. >> there's so much to see. it hasn't taken anything away. >> this is hundreds of years of our nation's history right here. you know? pretty amazing to me. >> doesn't mean she's not beautiful. >> right. >> the park service will reportedly clean out the algea from the reflecting pool after tinkering with the ozone layers. as for the washington monument, it should reopen in 2014. in washington, i'm halle jackson, wbal tv 11 news. >> free is one of the four letter words around that we like to hear. >> if you look hard enough, you can find a way to score some
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information it's not free. if you have to buy something to get it, it's not free. lisa is batting zero. still no free coffee. >> no free muffins. nothing. >> 7:16. 56 degrees at the airport. the o's are making their push to play in october. coming up, we'll talk about october's top five games. >> later on, the epic search to close one of the nation's most famous cold cases could be coming to an end. we'll have the latest on the search for jimmy hoffa. >> how long has that been going on? >> a long time. >> plus your pet questions. e-mail your question to pet questions at wbal
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>> welcome back. it's time for the lottery top five. good morning. >> good morning, general per. thank you for having me. we have our hot five. the hot five tickets for october. >> all right. i can even believe we're going to kick this off with a christmas scratchoff though. >> we are kicking it off with last month's -- last year's christmas scratch off. this is a keith timberland ticket. and it is a $10 thou10 $,000 to. there's one ticket left. double jack pot. $2 ticket. it's 75% sold out. there are two top prizes left. >> if you get a special double dollar symbol on your ticket
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that prize is going to be doubleed? >> absolutely. >> love it. >> third ticket is bonus three. $3 ticket. $30,000 top prize. 50% sold out. there's three top prizes left. keep in mind this is an extended play ticket. >> what does that mean? >> it takes longer to scratch. just understand you'll be scratching for longer. >> give it to people who enjoy scratching. give to it people who play the lottery. >> next one. $50,000 top prize. strike it rich. $5 ticket. again, $50,000 top prize. 68% sold out. there are three top prizes left. but keep in mind, you scratch on the front. on the back there's a peel off and you can win up to $50 instantly. >> strike it rich. lucky seven. >> this is a new ticket. there's not a large percentage sold out. six, $5 tickets so it's a $30
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value. keep in mind if you buy this ticket, do not detach the tickets because you can't redeem them. >> you have to keep it complete. >> again, six, $5 tickets. each ticket has a top million dollar prize. >> it's brand new? >> it's brand new. look for the books. look for the books we've been saying. >> all right. don't go away. we answer your pet questions when we come back. first at look at some of the events going on around town today.
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welcome back. joining us now to answer your pet questions here, trainer, behavioral specialist. we have a dog's dog here. this is a dog. >> she's wonderful. she's a pointer mix, i would assume. she's up for adoption today. amber was good enough to bring her to us from the maryland spc. they open at 9:00. she's five months old. she's going to make somebody a great family pet. she's adorable. >> you haven't had a lot of time with her. >> about half hour. she's very responsive. she wasn't so good a half hour ago. i don't care about smart. coachable is the key. and she is wonderful.
7:25 am
she's just a sweetheart. with a great disposition. jen was playing with her before. >> how old is she? >> they say about five months old. she has most of her adult teeth in. she's spayed. she's a wonderful value. for all the joy and pleasure you get out of here. if you train her. you should train her. she's just a sweetheart. the number is 410-235-8826. and they're open today at 9:00. >> okay. er the rifb. let's get into training, or getting the dogs and what not to behave. this is a dog question. well, my fiancee and her cat just moved in with my dog. the cat's been skittish, scratching furniture despite scratching devices. how can we make the transition easier? >> this is a very common problem. this is a great question. you want to control the dog. i do this by keeping the dog on the leash in the house when the cat is around. this gives the cat enough time
7:26 am
to give the dog signals without being chased and trying to protect himself. it can hit. it can swat. give the cat enough time to tell the dog, back off. >> so they'll learn how to deal with each other. >> most of the time. if the dog has training you can tell the dog to sit and stay and accept that the cat's gonna walk around and tease him. >> all right. question two. jane asks how can i make my cat stop biting? he used to bite on furniture, computer monitors and so forth but since our other cat died he started to bite people when we try to pet him. little snippy. >> i'm so happy that she mentioned that it didn't bite other objects before. it's an extension of the cat's behavior initially. it could be anxiety or stress
7:27 am
related. talk to your veterinarians about. possibly reconcile the behavior. also, some people like being touched more than others. i have to adjust to the relationship. >> you're saying it's a two way street. >> i would check it out with the veterinarian first tot see if there's something medically that can be done. also i would provide other things for the cat to do other than physical contact with you. >> are cats more difficult? >> independent. you don't own a cat. they own you. it's a different animal totally. >> how do you train a cat in. >> they kind of train you. they weasel their way into your life and then once they've got you, they hook you, then lot of times, leave me alone, don't bother me. >> all the not lost. i love cats. but it's a different animal. like the song says a cat is not a dog. i just want to mention, maryland
7:28 am
spca has a great fund-raiser, silent auction. there will be ravens and orioles stuff on it, worth while things from october 5th to the 25th of october. 410-235-8260 to get more information. >> that's coming up. >> yeah. it's a great action for a great cause. >> mark, thanks for joining us. i bet you're gone by the end of the day. we'll be back in just a minute.
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>> welcome back to 11 news saturday morning. thanks for joining us. >> first john's here with another look outside. this is going to be a good one. >> for the past couple of days we had a stalled out system overhead. some folks got some rain. not everybody. we've kind of fixed that, at least temporarily. the front finally decided to move. it's finally to our east and south. you can see ton radar and satellite combination. we're left with partly cloudy skies this morning. but the rain, the green has moved off to the east and south of us. so it's out of the picture, for awhile. something could happen by the end of the weekend. i'm optimistic that this weekend's going to be a really nice one. nice autumn weather.
7:31 am
we'll talk about it coming up with the forecast details. >> thank you, john. things heat up in one of the most famous cold cases. police in roseville michigan followed up on a tip this week that could lead them to the remains of jimmy hoffa. we have more on what led to the dig and whether it will unearth the body of the formers testers boss. >> what unfolded outside a detroit home was either a bad tip or a real the search for jimmy hoffa. the teamsters leader hasn't been seen since july 30th, 1975. he's presumed dead but his body has never been found. then last month a tipster who said he was afraid to speak out before, told police he saw someone buried here long ago. >> he believes because he states his body was intered. it was a day after mr. hoffa disappeared. >> police say the tipster seemed credible because he didn't try to embellish the story. an initial scan shows something
7:32 am
under the concrete, but it's not clear just what. >> it could be a dead body. if not hoffa, then somebody el. or it doub root of a tree. who knows. >> police drilled for two soil samples which will be analyzed by michigan state university to see if they show human remains. it would take further dna testing to determine if they're hoffa's remains. police doubt the mystery is solved. >> i don't think it's mr. hoffa. it would be great if it was. it would bring closure to his family and the hundreds of thousands of teamsters that idolize this man. >> the fbi said the mob would never have taken his body to this residential neighborhood too, many people could have noticed but if there was a burial here that escaped attention then, this discovery most certainly would not. i'm emily schmidt reporting. >> police say the soil sample results should be available by late monday, but they are adding that digging up, if it didn't
7:33 am
turn up any bones or body parts so far. the people that owned the property moved in after the alleged burial. there have been other potential leads over the years and searchs for hoffa in the past with no success. >> the highway project is under way in l.a. this morning. called the busiest freeway in america, ten miles of the 405 are shut down for the weekend to work on the car pool lane, the bridges and the ramps. one of the goals is to create the longest car pool lane, 73 miles. 405 is a major road way connecting the san fernando valley and the airport. officials have been urging people to stay off the roads. >> maybe today they can go get a free cup of coffee. it is national coffee day. what a better way to celebrate than with free cups of coffee. the christie cream doughnut shops and mcdonald's are giving away free coffee. 62% of workers drink two or more cups of coffee a day.
7:34 am
i have already had two cups myself. >> we haven't got any free stuff. >> i know. we're waiting. 7:33, 66 degrees at the airport. coming up in this morning's doctor, the rate of live cancer is growing. >> new details in the discovery of a well known vitamin and how it could help out. temperatures and humidity down a little bit this weekend. the insta weather plus forecast is just
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>> radar was busy last night but not the baltimore area. rain wu south of us. we take a look at several hours worth of radar imagery. few sprinkles in baltimore, but
7:37 am
the significant rains, you can see the yellows and greens, darker greens south of us. washington primarily. now there are a few showers south of ocean city. that's about it. everything else is gone off shore. speaking of ocean city, let's take a look at the boardwalk. earlier this morning, the boardwalk kind of wet. you see a few puddles there. the clouds are breaking a little bit. beep is pretty quiet. people walking along the boardwalk. 60s temperatures down in ocean city. here in town, a little cooler. little more distant future. 55 at the airport. inner harbor checks in with 61 degrees. 83%, the humidity, barometer and the west wind at three miles an hour. wind will be more of a west to northwest today bringing in some cooler, less humid air. the brighter green shades, you can find in the south. the darker green shades, upper
7:38 am
50s, primarily for highs here. 55, 51, 50. primarily the blue shades, oakland down to 41. that's that cooler air coming in. still a few scattered clouds around. down in the carolinas. there's a front. moved to finally move to the south and east of us. stalled across pennsylvania for a couple days which is why we had that lingering rain chance. making a little progress. that will allow some of the dry air to combust. disturbance out of canada. that will move down to the great lakes. this low that's over new england kind of rotates. that will bring us closer. by sunday evening this may be close enough. we'll pick up some clouds and maybe a sprinkle or shower. out in the western pacific it's the hurricane season or fie foon season out there. we have a super typhoon which passed over okinawa with winds
7:39 am
over 150 miles an hour. 180 so gusts that high. now moving northeast. looks like it may pass here or just to the east of tokyo. winds this morning are 150 miles an hour. that's a category two storm. up there they call them super typhoons. gusts to 85 miles an hour. okay. here's our forecast. nothing tropical, really. humidity goes down. 74. the high today. partly cloudy skies. less humid. that's the key. red sox/o's game tonight at camden yards. 7:00 or just after that game time. dry conditions. assuming the game doesn't go in to 15 innings, temperatures will be closer to 60 and still dry. it's a good forecast for baseball tonight. insta weather forecast shows by early sunday, we'll pick up a few clouds. here's that disturbance to the north. up in the great lakes. by the end of the day sunday we may introduce a sprinkle chance
7:40 am
in the forecast. doesn't look like significant. more significant chances monday, tuesday over the weekend. basically partly cloudy skies with that slight chance of rain at the end of the day sunday. temperatures this weekend will be in the low 70s. liver cancer is common in many countries, but cases haven't been seen often in the united states until recently. now the rate of liver cancer in america is growing np a recent study, researchers discovered a vitamin may lower the risk. donna hamilton has this morning's woman's doctor. >> a few months ago bonnie kirby wu diagnosed with liver cancer after she noticed her midsection was swollen. >> i was so bloated. i looked like a bull frog. from there they found that i needed to be drained and that i had three spots, or four spots on my liver. >> we'll see how much that is on
7:41 am
the mri. >> doctors say it is prevalent world wide but numbers are increasing dramatically in the united states. the fight against liver cancer, a recent chinese study looked at vitamin e and liver cancer risk after following thousands of men and women for several years. >> they found none of them developed liver cancer, but they were trying to correlate the intake of vitamin e with the risk of liver cancer. they found those people who developed liver cancer had much lower dietary intake of vitamin e. >> at mercy medical center, kelly o'connor said vitamin e is found in many healthy foods. >> so vitamin e is pretty easy to find in things like almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, vegetables like spinach, broccoli, tomat s tomatoes. >> but the stud d didn't say how much vitamin e the participants
7:42 am
took. >> i think it would be premature to advice people to buy vitamin e supplements in order to protect themselves from liver cancer. >> it's probably best to check with your doctor first and try to get your vitamin e from food not supplements. if you take just a multivitamin chances are you're getting it in there already. >> donna hamilton, wbal tv news. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> tell me how reliable is this. >> well, the study is quite reliable. very large number of patients. he followed them for almost 11 years. the aim of the study was not directed towards liver cancer. it was directed towards deciding whether dietary intake of vitamins would affect the incidence of cancer and various
7:43 am
different cancers. it was an observation study. they did not actually give patients vitamin e or not give them vitamin e to compare where liver cancer increased or decreased in one group or toer this. in the sense that observational studies, this is a very good study. it provides a fairly long term follow-up and a large number of patients. in terms of liver cancer it's also useful because liver cancer is much more common in the far east and china. it is the second most form of cancer. >> why? >> from the time it is mostly buftz prefsh lens of hepatitis b infections which is common there, much more common than it is in the united states. united states hepatitis c tends to be a lot more common than b. hepatitis b is now listed as a carcinogen, same as cigarette smoke and tobacco is for lung cancer. in that sense study gives us useful information about dietary
7:44 am
intakes of vitamin e and its impact on liver cancer. but what it does not tell us is that vitamin e supplements will help, will prevent you from developing liver cancer in the future. that remains to be seen. we had a u.s. study that did the same intervention giving patients vitamin e and testing their indense of cancer. looking specifically at processed cancer. it did not show change. >> i always heard that vitamin e is fat soluble. it's something that your body stores. so that's something to consider. >> exactly. that's correct. and because of that, you cannot take excess amounts of vitamin e. it can be toxic. just like vitamin a and d are beneficial but in excess amounts are toxic. >> thank you very much for coming in. >> thank you. september is national chicken month.
7:45 am
don't be a chicken. but before we turn it over to october, we're gonna be cooking up an easy week night dish. you might have seen the trailers for the new movie looper out this weekend but is it worth seeing? i'll look at the movies next. first a look at last night's winning lottery numbers.
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>> time travel has always been a big plot in movies like back to the future and the terminator but what if your job was to hunt
7:48 am
down your future self? that's what plays out in theaters this weekend. rafael seth has that and the rest of this weekend's releases in this box office preview. >> just as he tries to kill himself in looper. he's a hit man with a time machine in this thriller where time travel is possible but controlled by the mafia. the mob wants someone eliminated they send him back in time to do the job. that is until they decide he's a loose end and sends his future self back for assassination. it is rated r. >> all of our monster friends are right here. >> dracula wears tout red carpet. he built an inn that caters to monsters. when a hiker finds his way to dracula's door, the vampire tries to get rid of him. that's no easy task after the mortal falls in love with dracula's daughter. it is rated pg. >> you want to take over this school with me?
7:49 am
>> mama grizzly takes on the system in "won't back down." maggie is a blue collar mom fighting a school that treats low income students like inmates. she recruits viola davis to start a school of their own but the two run into resistance, road blocks and bureaucracy in their quest to make a difference. anna kendrick has a shower stalker in pitch perfect. she's a rebel recruited into a college choir that performs classical songs with no instruments but she can't stand the old stuff and convinces the choir to change their tune. pitch perfect is rated pg 13. rafael seth, wbal 11 news. >> what would a movie be without dinner? coming up we're cooking up a quick and easy dish for any night, even movie night. first at look at what's coming up ton "today" show. >> coming up on saturday morning on "today" lester is live in afghanistan during a crucial time of transition and
7:50 am
reflection. he talks to military personnel about the progress being made after 11 years of war. and the challenges that remain for u.s. troops. plus, new details emerge in the death of actor johnny lewis. what sent the former sons of anarcy star that ended with him allegedly killing his landlord. and this morning new pictures of a bottomless kate middleton are popping up on the internet. all of that an much more when we get started here on today.
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>> in the kitchen with chef stan
7:53 am
levy. september is national chicken month, so they're teaching us how to make chicken this morning. you say it's simple and easy. >> we're going to show a chicken cutlet or chicken melanase. >> i knew i pronounced that wrong. >> we've got a chicken cutlet that's been cut real thin and i pounded it. if you ask the butcher, they'll do it for you. or if you like to play around in your kitchen, it's simple. >> you can just slice it in half and beat it out. put a little egg wash. >> straight egg wash. >> put it in some bread crumbs. little parsley for now. salt and pepper on it. little salt and pepper always before. i forgot to do it on the first one. what i'm doing now, that's extra virgin olive oil and butter together. the butter gets in there and then you add the oil. sort of cools the pan down, lets everything kind of get going.
7:54 am
don't want to get the butter too hot or the oil too hot or it will burn. >> doesn't take long to cook. >> these are real thin. >> celebrating the chicken. there's so many different thingious can do. >> this is national chicken month. promoters are trying to get everybody to eat chicken. it's nice and healthy. >> easy to cook. >> quick. inexpensive. and very versatile. we're going to show a couple different versions. >> how long would you cook it on each side? >> it should only take a couple minutes. this stove is not quite as hot as i'm used to. >> we'll work on our next chicken dish. >> we'll prepare a little bit of spinach. little butter in the pan. >> it's always surprises me how it cooks down so fast. you can have bags and bags of spinach and it just shrinks. >> put a little mushrooms in the pan first. little salt and pepper. little bit of garlic. take our spinach. get that going. >> doesn't take the mushrooms
7:55 am
very long. >> this is something we can find at eddie's. >> we have the chicken cutlets. you can buy them. you can dress them up the way you like to. hopefully get these going. >> which department would you ask for when you call? >> i'm in the gourmet to go. that's where we cook -- that's where all of the food is prepared. in our meat department they would have the chicken for you. this dish, what we've done, we sauteed the mushrooms. mushrooms and spinach. laid it on a plate. >> what's the yellow right here. >> lemon butter sauce that i made. >> how do you make that? >> we take a little lemon juice, put it in the pan, little shallots, little white wine. you evaporate the liquid. evaporate the lemon juice and the white wine until it's just
7:56 am
about dry. then take butter that's been softened and over real low seat, semimelt the butter. >> it looks thick. >> that's lisa's lunch. >> okay. spinach is done. >> over here you have some chicken parmasean basically. >> we've taken our chicken, our basic cutlet. instead of doing it where we did it in the deep fryer, we've taken on shredded moz rel sa. we've taken fresh cheese. maybe fresh tomato sauce. sprig of basil. >> you said in mill lan that's what you see in every cafe. >> that's this dish. in milan, in the cafes, this is pretty much what they call chicken melanese. fresh arugula, parmasean. little drizzle of olive oil and vinegar, salt and pepper. that's what it is. >> tell us where eddie's is. >> roland avenue an charles street inside the belt way north of stevenson road.
7:57 am
>> all right. we love it. >> come see us. >> good day to go to the game tonight. today will be nice. for the game tonight, we expect nice weather conditions. partly cloudy skies in the forecast. as far as the actual conditions are concerned. when that game starts, just after 7:00 we expect readings in the upper 60s and dry. as far as the weekend itself is concerned. low 70s for high today and tomorrow. partly cloudy skies late sunday, maybe a sprinkle or quick shower, but it's only a very small chance. higher rain chances. >> great, john. thanks very much for coming in. chicken's basically done. thank for joining us. see you tomorrow at 5. >> have a good weekend.
7:58 am
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